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Converting Simple SE to 230V operation

So I've recently moved to Germany and would like to convert my Simple SE to run off the mains voltage here (230 ish). I built using the recommended Edcor universal PT.

Since this is still my first, and only, DIY tube amp I just want to make sure I won't kill it (or myself and my family).

I just need to rewire the PT from parallel to series and then put in a fuse with half the amperage rating, correct? I'm pretty sure I used a 2A fuse at 110 so 1A for 230?

Also, when rewiring the primaries I'm assuming I just twist the two "extra" wires from the PT together and then tape/heatshrink/wire nut them off. Correct?

Thanks in advance for all the help!
You got it. Just make sure you phase them correctly. You want them to work together, not fight each other. There is usually a dot or some other indication of which color is in with direction. Hopefully you still have the diagram. If not, write down how you have it wired right now. With a meter you can then figure out the phasing and know how to wire it.

If you get it wrong, it will blow the fuse instantly.