Converting Mac Video to pc vga 9 pin?

Correct but one dollar? My adapter is a little shiny box with a bunch of DIP switches. Sony 19" non-multi sync <-> Mac G3 = Works fine at 75 Hz, 1024 x 768.

Let me point out that the adapter is from Mac 15 pin D-sub to VGA, (three rows). Some of the DIP switches are for the sensing pins. Mac "senses" which sort of monitor who is connected, only Apple monitors.

My box costed about 8 dollars in Sweden.
Christian said:
How do I convert the pc-standard video connector to fit a Mac Monitor.

Can I just solder the cables togheter somehow or do I need external components?

You can solder by yourself but beware of the sensings pins. You must also have knowledge about the sync signals. Some Mac's has sync signal on green. Won't work with PC monitor normally if you don't fix it in the magical box. If you can afford 8-10 dollars, buy this thing!
It really depends on the monitor/machine. Those cheap little boxes don't seperate the sync signal, and most macs have seperate syncs. Also, to my knowledge, no Macs have SoG, but some had a composite sync(Horizontal + Verticle sync on one pin). Also, that pinout for the VGA signal isn't correct. That is a DB9, only the very first VGA equipment used the DB9 connector(which would be PS/1 or PS/2 stuff only). You most likely have a HD15 connector, which is the same size but adds a third row of pins.