Conversion from RCA on an A/V receiver to XLR input on my crown XTI4002

I'm quite new to professional audio pertaining to external amplifiers such as a Crown XTI4002. I have a Pair of JBL VS3215-6s that are being run by these amplifiers and I am looking for a way to run them as my front left and right channels for my home theater. The problem I have run into is that I have to go from RCA on my A/V receiver to balanced XLR on my amplifier. Is there a conversion box or a DIY circuit I need to get/make to get this to work?

Looking for any help, Thank you so much
I have an RCA to XLR cable from Amazon that should do that but when I hook it up to my amp all I hear is static. I have verified with an RCA input amplifier that the signal from the A/V receiver is good and clean. Could this be an issue with the difference in the impedance of the connectors?
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A DI won't fix wrong cable connections.
You need an ohmmeter to check.
This is how your cable should be wired:


The drawing shows XLR female but the same applies for male.

Pin 2 is the positive input terminal and pin 3 the negative input terminal, so those should definitely both be connected to the cinch connector, pin 2 to the centre and pin 3 to the shield. Besides, pin 1 should be connected to the shield if there is no other ground connection, or if there are issues with RF interference without it.
Have you gone through all the menus in the XTi to ensure it is set to stereo fullrange and the gains are cranked up?

It is possible an interface box will be needed to boost the signal from the AVR, the Crown needs 1.4v input for full output but the AVR may only be generating millivolts. If you crank every level control in the system to max and you still just get low SPL sound this is the problem.