Control amp power on/off by receiver?


2008-01-07 11:20 pm
I'm tired of having to get into my audio cabinet to manually switch on and off my amplifiers. I know there is debate between leave em on or shut em off but I do not use them daily so I choose to shut em off. Anyone have a tricky product or idea that will make the amps power on when I power on the receiver?


2007-11-08 2:14 am
I got one of those power supply/cleaner things off ebay for a friend of mine. It has a bunch of switched/delayed outlets on the back. It was a BELKIN AP21100-12. Anyway, it has a remote on it that you plug this trigger 110 plug into and that turns the rest on, or there is a DC wire I guess. Or you can turn it on via button, but the hot outlets stay on all the time. Now my friend has like 4 amps on it of 600-800w or something running sub amps and two 5.1s, he says he can turn it up louder now with no clipping. I think he said it was over 15 amps on the readout.
If your receiver has a switched AC outlet on the back you can use a device like described above, or you can build one yourself with a few AC relays.

If your receiver doesn't have a switched outlet, then you can use a wireless AC switch like I do. I have three AudioSource AMP7-T and I use a switch similar to the ones below.