Connector unobtainium

I have a Realistic under dash car cassette deck/FM that looks like this. Without a doubt this unit has the best FM sensitivity/selectivity of any FM radio I've ever owned including the FM section in my Marantz 2245
The rear connector is very odd. It looks like some derivative of a microphone connector. The pins are the same shape and diameter as the typical Cannon mic plug. This pin arrangement is very unique. Five pins total, four in a trapezoid pattern, and one in the center. I destroyed the Bakelite molded plug trying to repair one pin connection. The wires were originally crimped onto barrel contacts. The contacts are molded into a circular Bakelite piece - completely non-serviceable.
The photo shows the radio female side which is kinda odd in my opinion since hot contacts are exposed if you unplug the radio. I'm looking for the wired male side. Anyway, I have scoured the net to no avail.
Anyone know where I can this plug?


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2014-11-05 1:34 pm
Tx fellas.
Took your suggestions since that connector is very scarce.
I wound up extracting five cannon plug pins from an old pair of broken mic cables. I found the easy way to do that was to remove the Bakelite pin insert and hit it with a hammer. It's quite brittle. The pins fall out intact. I cleaned them up, terminated each pin on an individual wire and inserted them in the back of the deck. I fanned these wires out to a Wago modular spring contact assembly that I screwed down to the back of the deck using an exisiting screw. Works good. I will pot those pins as you suggest.