connecting Windows 10 PC with UA4FX audio interface and c3000 mic and Launchkey49 keyboard and Zoom R8 digital recorder and Yamaha H7 single spkr

Any suggestion would by helpful to manage the above connections.

This is the diagram so far. I'm wondering especially about
connecting the ZOOM R8 into this configuration. ie. can I connect the R8 to the interface via usb by using a usb splitter at the interface end?
How would I work it if I want to use the c3000 mic to record with the Zoom and at another time record into my DAW in the PC?
Looks like both the Zoom R8 and the UA4FX are designed to interface with a computer for recording purposes. They aren't designed to connect to each other directly. The mic would have to be plugged into whichever device you want to use (Zoom or Roland), and the interface will convert your analog mic signal to digital, then transfer the digital audio to the computer over USB to a DAW program such as Cakewalk, Reaper, etc. The DAW program then allows you to record the digital audio to your computer disk.

To play back the recorded audio, whichever interface you are using at the time should have line outputs to driver an amplifier input. If your speaker has a built-in amplifier then you can connect the interface line output to the speaker amplifier.

Looks like the Zoom can also record to an internal SDHC card. However, it cannot act as a USB host for the the Roland. Only a computer can do that.

All the above should be explained in the manuals for the interfaces.

That's about it. Don't see a way to make much, if any, use of the Zoom and Roland devices together at the same time.
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