Connecting the PC to a LCD


2002-02-27 6:02 pm
I am new to the concept of building a projector, but after reading through this forum I can't see why I shouldn't.
But...what is required to connect my PC to a projector? I am not interested in connecting my TV. Do I need some sort of controller board?
Another question...should the lens be bigger than the LCD or is it possible to use a smaller lens?

if you buy and strip a LCD monitor you can just use the cord that comes with the monitor to connect to your video card.

if you buy a laptop LCD then, yes you will need a controller board and I don't think you want to go there ($$$)

as for lenses, the fresnel lenses should be the same size as the LCD so that all of the LCD is available for projection. The projection lens will be a lot smaller ( ~65mm diameter). The focal lengths of the projection lens is what you have to keep in mind.

ie. can it collect all the light from the LCD? and how far away from the screen does it have to be to acheive the desired magnification.