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Here's a dumb question:

I've just built a passive sub with the Scanspeak 30W/4558T00. I'm using it with the TDAI 1120 from Lyngdorf and I'm using the onboard amplifier with a low pass filter of the Lyngdorf to drive the sub.

But how do I connect the speaker wire to the passive sub? Should I connect both left and right of both channels, or should I only connect one channel? I'm confused and I don't want to fry the driver...

Hope you guys can help:)

It would be the amplifier you are most likely to fry!

Unless the single sub has a dual voice coil (which yours hasn't), do not connect it to both the left and right channels!

You could parallel it across just one of the channels, but as your passive sub has a low DCR of 2.6 ohm there is a possibility that the resulting low impedance could damage that channel. It would be imperative to check that your amp can work into 2 ohm impedance loads.

Most bass is recorded as mono below 100 Hz so one channel connection works, except with some early recordings where the bass is panned to extreme left or right.

The alternative is to power the sub with a separate mono amplifier and sum the low level L/R signals at its input.
Looks like you would have to use just one channel of your amp. Unless it is able to be bridged which I didn't see at a quick glance. Seems like kind of a waste for a nice integrated amp like that and you will probably be underpowering your sub (depending on your output needs/expectations) Just my newb thoughts.
Hey Guys,

Sorry for not responding. I've been travelling and for some reason I haven't recieved any notifications of replies here...

Anyway, the Lyngdorf proved to be underpowered for my use, so I've basically sold it again and have bought a plateamp from Dayton Audio that should do the trick. Thanks for your ideas:)

Kind regards,
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