Connect RS232 output to multiple inputs

I want to connect transmit of RS232 to 4 RS232 inputs. Is there any simple way I can boost the output.

This is needed urgently needed.
Can anyone give some simple solution.

Thanks in advance.

Gajanan Phadte

I don't believe you need to but it may be cable length and baud rate dependent. RS-232 _must_ achieve +/- 3 volt swings to be in spec. Max 232 chips (5 Volt charge pumps to make +/-10) should be good and the old 1488/1489 chips running on +/- 12 are almost certain to be good. If that is NOT OK the simplest would be to use several MAX 232 type chips as a distribution amplifier. Alternatively I have used a TL071 opamp in unity gain as an RS-232 driver where it simply boosted the RS-232 drive capacity. The baud rate was at MIDI rate of 31.25 KBaud. Worked fine.

how the "handsake" is going to be done.?

You select one of your destinations as 'master' to supply the handshake (why in this day that's even needed is nuts) and let the other devices 'listen in'. If they can't keep up with a maxed out baud rate, too bad. OR, if it's truly needed ,you could make it 'smart' and wait for the slowest unit to respond but again, it's hard to imagine a unit so slow as to not keep up with 11,000 chars per second.