Computer Speaker System


2007-10-01 6:18 pm
Hello, lately ive been looking into building my own speaker setup for my computer instead of buying one... The downfall is that when it comes to sound I am a complete noob. I love to make things and thats why Im willing to spend time building everything. Here is where help would be greatly appreciated.. I do just about everything on my computer and I would love to have great sound quality for games, music and movies... As a noob, im in need of help selecting the best or near hardware.... I have a budget of $100 to $200 for this project... Im thinking a 2.1 system will do great for this? I plan on buying a receiver soon so I can connect it to my computer this purchase will not affect my budget for the project. Any help, plans, guides, pointers, tutorials, anything will help....Oh.... I also would like to make the enclosures that are pleasing to the eye, so tutorials on that would be great...! Thank you all for helping out!