Computer SMPS X'mer material


2007-06-11 6:06 am
till now i havent seen any iron power core in atx/at psu as a transformer, may be iron power is good for inductor, materials very from manufacture to manufacture, if u then material may be not that important, many diy members using those E35 cores without knowing there materials,


2007-05-04 2:54 am
the power tx is usually ungapped ei ferrite run at 20khz to 40khz

the 'buck' regulator inductors are usually powdered iron of course!

thats about all u really need to know :)

you wanna calculate the flux density the tx is run at...
all you need to know is the voltage at the primary (easy), the cross sectional area of the core, the freq its run at...

id say ~1300 gauss usually