compressor diy


2010-10-24 12:53 pm

I soldered up this circuit today to find that it is utterly useless.
An output of 70mV from line level input.
bah! what a waste of time :mad:

I'm keen on DIY recording gear, and I want some compressors to run as inserts on my mixing console.

can anyone suggest a simple circuit?
I prefer veroboard, as I have no experience in making PCBs.
What a waste of time? You learned something!
Interesting circuit, but it will not do to send clean audio to a mixing console! Low distortion compressors can not be build with 10 parts.
Go to and check on their app notes on signal processing (parts THAT2180 and THAT4301)


2010-10-24 12:53 pm

Thanks a lot mickeymoose. That site has a pretty comprehensive array of designs. I'm looking at the "one knob squeezer".

It is slightly going against my original idea. I want to design simple veroboard diagrams using easy to find, straight off the shelf parts. I want to compile a bunch of simple audio circuits so that other people can reproduce them easily.

This is my first try Levy Sound Design: Electret Condenser Microphones

I'm currently working on a veroboard design of the "flatline compressor"
A couple of easy designs on my web site: SSM2166 Compressor

Easy is not a substitute for top audio quality but you can give it a try - use v2. It's going to be less noisy than the NE570. Small Bear Elec has some of the chips for sale.

regards, Jack

whether the compressor can be applied with Daw ... for example be applied to mixdown from NUENDO 4..???
best regardds:)