Components stock management

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Hello everyone,

for some years I've used a free software to keep track of all of my electronic components, make BOM for projects ecc

It's called GE.CO.

However it is build on VisualBasic6. Now that I've updated to Windows 10 I've tried some ways to install VB6 to no avail.

Can someone suggest a good free alternative (working in Win10)?

Please don't say excel spreadsheets cause I've started using GE.CO. to get away from spreadsheets.
I have about a dozen different circuit designs I've made for a multi-channel sensing product that share similar processing cores/parts. I've been searching for something inexpensive with a short learning curve but haven't been happy with what I have found.
Part obsolescence and/or shortages for whatever reason can ruin a production schedule in a hurry. Say a part common to all 12 designs becomes unavailable. In addition to sourcing a sub one has to correct 12 BOMs!
I have addressed this using Excel. An advantage is most vendors use excell for BOMS too. I've finally reduced my work load by taking advantage of a few advanced features
I've been using Eagle layout now for about five years. It can esport
a CVS which can be imported to excel.
I enter a new part in a master excell spreadsheet and simply sequentially assigns a four digit part number. On the same row, the manufacturer and distributor info resides as well as a verbose description. This number becomes the "Device" attribute in my eagle part libraries. Eagle automatically generates a BOM from the schematic reflecting this number. We are working on a "User Language Program" that will automatically correlate the mfg/dist/desc with the Eagle produced BOM (haven't quite got there yes so I do it by hand.)
Anyway I got around the obsolecense/big edit effort by using links within a PCB's bom back to the master list. In this manner when I change the master, all 12 designs change automatically if pertinent - huge time saver.
I use to use a program called "Parts and Vendors" - perfect for my purposes but discontinued.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.