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2004-06-19 11:30 am

I've been looking for a list of components and it seems that Reichelt has got most of them with a very attractive price. The only thing is that the site is German (I don't know if that is German, is it?) and I don't know where to look for handling charge, minimium order... stuff like that. Do they have an English site that is for people from planet earth? No hard feelings but I still think that English is the most common language on plant earth, understood by say over 50% of the 6 billion here although it is not my first language either.
Hi bigpanda,

there is no English site of Reichelt. Not every company wants to work international. Reichelt also doesn't, so there's no reason for them to have an english site.
Almost all of their customers are german.
Maybe you should already start studying chinese by now, since it will one of the three world languages (actually it already is), besides english and spanish.

But anyway: I have ordered at reichelt for a few times.
The cost you pay are insurance and the actual costs for sending the package.

Minimum order is € 150 for people outside Germany. The use DHL for sending the parcel.

Grtz, Joris
I suspect BigPanda to be pretty fluent in Chinese ( or Mandarin ? ) already....

Anyways to be able to understand why WASPs (white anglo saxon males ) act as they do, you need to read western modern philosophy, Hegel, Kant, Schopenhauer in their original language, and it's not chinese.


"das ding an mich ist das ding für dich ! "
Hi Joris,

I know it sound very stupid but Euro150 can buy a lot of stuff there for the kind of prices they are having.

I have been learning Chinese some 40 years ago. Infact its my first language. I am from HONGKONG China. I don't know is one of the three world languages but there is one thing I know : 20% of the world's population (1.3 B in China/ 6 B on earth) knows it!!! To be more tragic, our place is less than 1ppm of the world's land but with a population of more than 0.1% 7mil / 6bil

I didn't look at the flag under your name :) But then you'll speak fluent Chinese indeed!

But that doesn't translate the site into English :(
150 is indeed quite a large amount for their prices. Maybe you should find some more people in Hongkong (there must be more HK-people here on the forum?) to get to the 150 euro's.
I always order with a friend, to make it €150.

Grtz, Joris
Or wait till the next Reichelt groupbuy on diyaudio.
Plenty of people here who speak fluent German, even non-Germans.

Not all of the parts Reichelt does are that good, Reichelt doesnt list manufacturer for every item, and for a reason.

You can keep your thing, Superhkm !

Some read profiles.
Tai Chen, Big Panda.


2004-06-19 11:30 am
Hi jacco vermeulen,

That is the other reason I want to go thru an English version of their site, I want to find out if there is any place showing the manufacturer of their goods. Some of their price is so low that I would like to know their make first before anything to be done.

Tks rchua77
It's been very kind of you. I've been here for a while but never try group purchase.
Tarasque said:
Hi Folks,

I'm still visiting Reichelt on a regular basis (every 5 to 8 weeks)and I'm willing to collect also small orders and then buy the total amount at my next visit at Reichelt.
No Order cost, no expensive shipping to each of you. Just the real shipping cost.
Let me know what you think...

Very kind of you, I'd be very interested.
Their prices are really good.

Please let me know when you are going there and I'll send you my little order.