Compact sub using 2 hivi D8g's

Hey Guys,

Just wondering what (compact) enclosure type would best suit these drivers. Is it even worth bothering using these drivers in a sub? I researched them a bit and have only found negative comments about their bad midrange quality in three way systems. Haven't found any information about people using them in subs.

The sub will be used with the bookshelf speakers I am currently building (2.1 pc set-up).

Thanks, Jeremy
Hi All,

FYI: Consistency Checked T/S here:



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I can get the drivers measured in Axent Audio's anechoic chamber but I just wanted some opinions on if its worth doing or not. The drivers look like they're built relatively well and will handle power but I don't want loud mud.

Consistency checked parameters just means that the manufacturers specs were cross-referenced with calculations from equations right? :p

I was also wondering what the most important driver specs are in terms of real world audio quality.