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2011-05-05 4:29 am
Which reminds me of an incident we had at the shop years ago...
A customer brought in an RCA 27" CRT set for repairs - common problem was a bad flyback transformer, which we had plenty in stock.
Two weeks after said customer picked up his repaired set, he came back in with his set, and claimed it wasn't working - and wanted it repaired again.
Our warranty was 30 days on parts and labor.
But guess what???
This set was not the same one that we repaired 2 weeks earlier.
Different serial number, identical set. - the customer was trying to pull crap on us to get a free repair of another tv.
Slick, but not slick enough - we record serial numbers on our repair documents, just not on the customer's receipts, which only have the model number.
When we had him return to the shop to discusss repairs, and told him our findings, the look on his dumb face was priceless.
He paid for the repairs - of course.

As for the Panasonic sets, they were not a "failed" product, mine is 7 years old and perfect.
Panasonic had other ideas for dropping their line - likely due to the fact that Samsung, Vizio, LG were so prominently displayed at big box stores that hardly anyone saw or bought Panasonics.
That, in my opinion, is shameful business practice, an somewhat political.
I had Panasonic 65" plasma display. One of the best flat-screens I've own.
Concerning 'stereo' TV viewing....
While it's nice to enjoy the benefits to watching tv and having stereo/surround sound, it's really another gimmick designed to increase revenue for manufacturers, as once was the short-lived 'Quadraphonic' stuff of the 1970's.
I'll bet that the majority of viewers that actually 'get into' the movie they're watching don't even pay much attention to the stereo effects if the movie is good enough to focus their attention on the plot.
Buy Other Stereo Equipment. I liked my Bose headphones till they died. I even know a lab guy at Bose and when I told him they broke (chip fail I think) he said - we can't fix 'em - just throw it away. Nice!
Bose, like so many others, farms their manufacturing out to china.
I've been inside enough Bose products at the shop to know that they're simply just another average boombox-quality product.


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2011-10-31 1:00 am
After being in the service shop for decades, my opinion of Panasonic is that their tvs are one of the most long-lasting sets of all other brands.
I saw and noted which TVs came through our door....yearly.
Sony - a lot of them.
Samsung - a lot of them.
Vizio - a lot.
LG, many of them.
Philips/Magnavox - plenty.
Polaroid-Westinghouse-Sylvania-off brands - plenty.
Panasonic - 1 or 2 maybe in a year.

So naturally, as a tv service tech, and seeing this kind of thing, which brand do you'd think I would buy for my home?
You all can debate and babble on about your own conclusions and biases, I'll go with my own experiences.
Panasonic also had a lower market share than the ones at the top of the list... The same reason the local auto repair shop doesn't fix a lot of Lada's - they are practically non-existent here. :D They do make decent stuff though - but I always hated them based on the "10 1 10 1" "genius" BS interface on thier microwaves and the fact that their CD-ROM drives were hot trash.

My other friend Matt used to work in their factory service department - not all of their products were nearly as good as their televisions or microwaves but they had a laptop which you could run over with a forklift without damage.

I've had a Panasonic Inverter microwave for 10 years and it's really a good product.

I've personally never had a TV fail save for some CRTs that were just worn out and a flat panel that fell on the floor and cracked - but I've found several in the garbage that needed new PSU caps.

I've had an Asus monitor have one section of backlight go out, and I had an HP monitor that was replaced 4 times under the 4 year on-site warranty (they develop what looks like a coffee stain) and then sold.

I guess I have good luck with stuff...
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