Comments on Decware WO-32 subwoofer?


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-01-19 9:25 am
Hi Michael,

This might be a nice thought for rattling the doors off your SUV. I went to the DECware site and got these quotes from the WO-32 page.

However, if you flip it over on the carpet a whole new story unravels. Like a giant vero-vent the chambers are allowed to breath through the carpeting altering the impedance curve on the fly to enhance efficiency, and more importantly create a sympathetic diaphragm out of your floor!


This direct transfer of energy to the room makes the structural vibrations in perfect time with the vibrations of the air in that room. Normally the air in that room is creating a cause and effect relationship with the structure.

Functional explanations like this tend to make me very skeptical about those providing the explanation, and in turn the function of the unit being discussed.

These are just my initial my thoughts and observations from a quick look at the site.

Be Afraid,... Be Very Afraid!
Rodd Yamas***a
I fell across the decware site the other day, yet they make no mention of any specs whatsoever on the amp, as well as make strange statements like the ones roddyama mentioned. They don't even give any frequency responce at all. There are lots of good subwoofer designs out there that you don't have to pay for like the wo-32.