Combine GPS and Iphone


2007-03-05 5:47 am
Hello. I hope I got the right subforum. I need to combine my Iphone music and my garmin audo for my motorcycle headphones. I read that I can't just use 2 male to 1 female adapters. I need resistors in line. A bunch of places state different values for resistors. From 47ohm to 10kohm.

What would be the ideal resistance?
To calculate the ideal resistance would require detailed knowledge of the circuits in each device and the headphones. Carefull modelling or detailed calculations would then lead to the correct value, provided you had set the criteria to be satisfied. 'Ideal' has no meaning in isolation; it has to be grounded in requirements.

Alternatively, try something towards the lower end of the range you have been quoted. The upper end is for combining line level signals, not headphones.