Coil Form Generator


2013-02-15 1:06 am
I'm looking to see if I can get some feed back from communities who occasionally create their own coils, such as this one. I've created an interactive openscad script to generate 3d coil form models. Although I have an electronics background I am lacking the insight into what makes a good coil form. Any constructive input would be helpful.

The script is on, which is a free open source sharing side for physical object designs. I've placed the link below, If you make an account (it's free) you can run their Customizer App in the webpage, which will let you play with the script without having to download anything. Otherwise you can download the script and run it, but it requires the mcad library which is also hosted on thingiverse. Thank you for your assistance.

Customizable Coil Form for DIY Inductors by Corpulent - Thingiverse