Coaxial SPDIF and transformer, DIR9001

That's one of the more jitter sensitive ones in my estimation as its using off-board I/V conversion. If you want the best sound then probably best pay at least some attention to how the transformer is distorting the S/PDIF waveform - you need high primary inductance and low leakage inductance. But then again if you use the TI recommended opamps for I/V (NE5534) its attention that's not worth paying because the opamps will probably be the weakest link for SQ, not jitter.
The PE-65612, sold by Mouser (and others) is a transformer made for this application. currently it's only $5.26 (US). Futher, The 9001 data sheet page 8, (last two bullets) indicates that with a coaxial input, a buffer is needed. Pavouk suggests a 75176, which requires a 5 volt supply in addition to the 3.3 volts needed by the CD9001 itself. The 75176 output is TTL, which is acceptable to the 9001's input. Careful attention to the transmission and input signal IMHO, will reduce the chance of jitter.