Close encounters of the Tang Band kind

G'day MF. Yep, they look good on paper, don't they. I was curious to find out if anyone has actually got their grubby little hands on any of the Tang Band speakers, and find out what they thought of them.

G'day Griff. I've spotted them on the partsexpress site, but it seems crazy to import the things from the U.S. when China is just to the north. As usual, there doesn't seem to be an Australian distributor.

It'd be nice if we could buy something we wanted without all the headaches for a change.
Thanks John, it's good to hear from someone who has fooled around with them and likes what they hear.

The snag for those of us living in Australia is that there doesn't appear to be a local distributor.

Importing the speakers is an option, but once they've travelled from China to the U.S. then back around the world to Australia, the accumulated initial costs incurred by the U.S. Importer, plus the shipping costs to Australia, and the customs duty, means they are no longer inexpensive speakers.

Thanks again,

I´ve got some 3" Tangbands that I built some test enclosures to.


For the prize they sound pretty good. Small scale sound yes ( due to their size ), but with a subwoofer support i bet they will be awsome.

For the prize i think they are very good indeed.

Regards // Mattias S
It would be cool if you guys down under could figure out a way to get some :). I'll be experimenting with the 4 inchers next, I'm thinking the 4" might be the pick of the bunch because of the Xmax (speced at 3mm and measured up to 7mm!) and the box size is still small. They roll off at 120 Hz sealed and can easily be extended to 80 or 60 depending on how you port it. Look great for HT. Oh that'll be a two way tho.