Clone of JTM45

Just finished clone of JTM45 (with some modification) with very good sound! OT and choke are diy-winding (on very old iron!) in my lab, head cab is home-made (very old-from early '70!) and PT is from unknown tube amp (Europe-no 110-120V tap!; 700VCT/200mA, 6,3V/4A, 58V/30mA).
Output tubes are at last 2x6L6GC-Shuguang (coke b.)(try also pairs NOS-KT66-GEC, KT66-Shuguang, NOS-6L6GC-Sylvania, NOS-6L6GC-GE, NOS-6L6GC-RCA, 6L6WGT-Groove/Russian, 6L6WGC-Shuguang, 5881WGC-Ruby/Russian, 6L6GC-Fender/Russian, 5881WB-Marshall/Russian, NOS-6P3S-EV-Reflector/Russian, NOS-6P3S-Saratov/Russian and NOS-6V6GT-Brimar, all work fine!) with best tone!? Small anode like 6L6G without any slot, and 420V on G2, but no glow area with Ia~60mA in idle!(Pa~25W idle!)
Input tubes are now 12AX7WA-EH (minor better are various NOS tubes), and rectifier is GZ34 (PHILIPS-MüLLARD/Blackburn, but GZ34-JJ work also fine).
Ua is 420-430V, and Ik is 2x35-36mA.
Shock-input capacitor is 0,1uF/1kV/PP.
First filter capacitor is 22uF/550V(F&T)+10uF/630V/PPiO, than 3 times 22uF/550V(F&T), and last is 2uF/600V/PP. Choke is 10H/50mA/400ohms, and all resistors in filter are 10Kohms/2W.


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Chassis, front and rear plate are new from eBay(260703102720).
Big surprise for me is that best sound come from cheep output tubes (6L6GC-Full Music/Shuguang), instead expensive NOS tubes!

A lot of the chinese tubes sound great; they just don't last that long. Back in the 1990's I liked the EL34's they made (very inexpensive) but I had to change them out every couple of months.