Clock upgrade for SDS Labs DAC

Yes, it's the one with the CS8412 /NPC5842/2xPCM63/resistor i2v / Tube output.

I did quite a bit of work after I built it upgrading the obvious components - esp changing caps and resistors (the caps changed the sound a lot) as well as using linear technology regulators etc.

Any recommendations on which VCXO / PLL to try?

Any experiences with what this will do to the sound in this circuit (or something similar).

- Greg
Digital sources

I should have said my sources are a Meridian 500 CD transport and a Squeezebox (the v2 arrived today).

I think Meridian claim to have done some work on producing a good signal. I suspect the Squeezebox 1 isn't so good - although they've put some thought into it for the Squeezebox2,
Yes, I agree that VCXO and a PLL WILL improve the sound, Guidio Tent is the master of this :)
But this is relatively complicated circuit, will need extra PCB /If Guido Tent offers such circuits this will be quite easy/ and will lock to only 44.1kHz sources /basically/
So I do not call this clock upgrade but circuit upgrade, as this will make a new DAC version.
In such a case I would prefer feeding the transport CD player with the DAC clock, which will require mods/additional circuits for the CD transport.
Guido, I've thought about some automatic PLL/switch circuit for such a purpose, for inserting into Slave CD Transport, allowing the CD Transport to work without external clock input. Have you designed such circuit??? :) :smash: :cool: ;)