Clipping in Telarc Star Tracks CD 80094?

I recently bought the Telarc CD Star Tracks. While the sound is impressive there is an audible 'click' at the end of track3, the imperial march. It is right on the last loud drum. I heard it on my Stax headphones and it was still there at lower volumes. I played it at low levels on my speaker system with the same result. So I think the CD itself is flawed and it has nothing to do with my equipment. When searching on internet most people praise the quality and none have reported clipping or overload. Have some of you experienced similar problems?
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I confirm the clipping. This was one of the first CDs I bought in the '80 when digital audio was launched on the market. It was much better than most of the early CDs, but it is still a vintage recording done 40 years ago, made with first generation digital devices; and faithful reproduction of a orchestral sound was definitely not the primary goal. You need to relate the reviews to this fact. By the way, this recording is now available for free on youtube, altough not in the original uncompressed form.