Clicking on both channels

A few months back. I bought an XDUOO MU-604 DAC. I installed the drivers from the Audiophonics web site and all was good. At least for a while!

I then noticed that both channels started clicking when playing music or watching movies. This only happened on USB, however the optical and coax inputs were fine. I tried both usb inputs and several different usb ports on the pc, but still no good. I thought the usb board may have gone faulty so I contacted audiophonics for a return.

Sadly there was no fault found, but they sent a replacement anyway in case it was an intermittent fault. When I got it back, more clicking!

I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers to no good effect. I had already checked all my cables etc. and was a bit perplexed.

I therefore uninstalled the xduoo drivers and deleted all the files and then reconnected and allowed it to install the native Windows 10 drivers. Problem solved!

It looks like at some point some new windows components have caused some slight incompatibility with the xduoo drivers. I installed asio4all so I could use asio playback as this was part of the xduoo driver functionality.

I thought I’d mention this in case any of the projects here use the same chipset drivers as the xduoo and may experience similar issues or if anyone with an xduoo DAC has a similar problem.