Clever bass from small wireless portable speaker

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I am new to the forum and interested in small speakers with big sound. I recently came across some wireless (bluetooth ) speakers that I repaired for a friend of mine. I was amazed at the sound and quite rich sound these speakers make. They are 57mm diameter and 60mm high with a 45mm speaker and a built in 3W amp. They work great on a kitchen bench or any surface that can resonate a bit. The kitchen stainless steel sink or the acrylic bath in the bathroom is quite amazing. Steel filing cabinet works well also.

They way they work is very clever and have not come across this before so I thought I would share it with you as it may be of some interest. I do apologise for the poor blurry photos but at least it may give you an idea of what I am trying to explain.

They have a clever pseudo subwoofer arrangement where the speaker frame has an extra rubber surround on the outside and the surround is glued to the enclosure. This allows the whole speaker to move and act as a subwoofer. It has a very small cavity and relies on the surface it sits on to pick up the vibrations. It works surprisingly well for such a small speaker.

Here are a couple of links of the two types I have played with. : Buy Portable My Vision A61 Mini Bluetooth Speaker Stereo Loudspeaker red free shipping from Reliable bluetooth Speaker suppliers on Shenzhen Haotai Technology Co., Ltd.

Monster beatbox s10 mini bluetooth speaker - China Monster beatbox s10 mini bluetooth speaker Supplier, Manufacturer - Shenzhen MBEATS TECH Co.LTD

fake beats by dre mini bluetooth speaker is loud enough to move itself!! - YouTube

I would be interested in any suggestions for making a reasonable small enclosure to augment the bass when no suitable surface is available. That bath in the bathroom sounded impressive but can't carry a bath around. LOL
I am also interested in any small enclosure speakers (full range) with good bass like mini TL. I enjoyed going through the thread foam core material to make enclosures and the cornu spiral horn.


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I have wondered about those type of surface exciting type drivers. We go to so much trouble to make precise enclosures and still have mixed results, I have doubted that the sound from a table top vibrating could really be high fidelity. That doesn't mean that there aren't times when we are out and about when having a full sound from a very small package could be desirable, despite strictly lacking in fidelity.

I have heard blue tooth(?) type speakers with mp3 players that were amazingly full sounding for their size and price, but I would not want to sit down to listen to music from one at home when I have better options.

That said, if you wanted to experiment, maybe you could get an old, cheap acoustic guitar from a thrift shop and remove the strings and place the speaker on that. It seems like that would make an efficient and balanced sounding resonator that is not too big or heavy. If you like the way it sounds, cut off the neck with a metal cutting saw( because the internal tensioning rod, assuming there is one, would damage a wood saw).
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I think you are talking about a passive radiator but I don't think these are really are designed that way. I think if it moves it is coincidence as the bellows is really there to allow the collapsible feature. When expanded the volume is bigger providing more bass. There are diy passive radiator designs around where you take regular driver and add mass to cone with bolts, etc.
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