Class D newbie attempting project

Hi everyone,

I'm interested in making a class D power amplifier, I've searched for information in many websites, but I've only found block diagrams, I don't know which components I should use, I'm not interested in class d chipamps, I want to make a discrete design, but at IC level not at transistor level, I also want to know which are the best output mosfet models to use, it's better to use negative feedback or not.
I also don't know how to implement the switching controller, because if I have shoot thru I can destroy the output devices.

Thank you very much for your atention,
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Daniel Almeida
It is usually done with triangle wave generator and input signal both going into a comparator.
Next is the level translator for the ir2113.
You can take care of shoot through by discharging the mosfet gates with a diode but charging them up through 10 ohms.
This was my approach.

Do a search on DIYAUDIO for class d amplifiers and you will find a few examples.
I have used the circuit from the application notes.

I had a few problems.
The 2092 is fussy about decoupling.
PCB layout needs to be short and fat.
The basic circuit causes the 2092 to reset itself on high power output, so I used potential dividers on the inputs for measuring mosfet DS.

I didn't use any protection except for fuses.

I found for getting 1000watts I needed mosfet gate drivers IC's (TC4420) for driving 4 off irfb4227.