Class D handle the impedance swings of ESL57s?

Ive had positive feedback regarding Quad ESL63s and the TA2024 but I just purchased ESL57s which are supposed to be a more difficult load. Will one of the Tripath low-wattage offerings work properly or not. Im not sure which specs I should be looking for other than high current ability and able to handle 2ohms.

Im refurbishing them and dont want to damage them with the wrong choice. Valves and low-watt Class A seem to be the norm. And I have neither at the moment.



diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2005-01-17 5:29 am
the SI output filter is designed for 6ohm loads so you may want to change the output capacitors to higher values for use with a lower impedance load. also, the efficiency of the amp will be lower with the lower impedance load so expect the chip to get quite a bit warmer. definitely use some kind of heatsinking. one of the other kits that uses the ta2021b like the amp3 or the ta2020 like the autocostruire kit would enable it to be mounted to an external heatsink. the chips are over-temp. and over-current protected so why not give it a try :)