Class D amps for portable and non portable speakers

Hi all,

First post on the forum, so go easy on me :)

Started looking on eBay at the various ready made boards with a mind to making some small and not so small portable all in one speakers. Started looking at the USB Pam chip stuff, and worked my way up from there, Reading as I go. Bit the bullet and bought a tda7297 which is on its way, although I realise now its not class d, so will be heavy on batteries.

So, my question is, from what's available on eBay in the UK what's the pick of the bunch for power amps that can be run from 12v wall wart PSU's, and also 12v lithium ion battery packs. Mono amps are okay for the smaller units, with stereo becoming more important as the power increases. Bluetooth may be useful too...

Any comments are most welcome, and thankyou in advance!