Class-A/Pass with home theatre

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I need help in the expansion of my audio system. I want a setup for both home theatre and music listening (stereo). Here is what seems a possible solution to me:

Processor/Preamp: Integra Research RDC-7 (home theatre processing as well as audiophile quality preamp)
Front speakers power amp: Aleph 2 (especially for music listening)
Surround/center speakers power amp: Leach amplifier

Front speakers: Paradigm Studio 60
Surround/center speakers: Paradigm Studio ADP/CC
Subwoofer: TBD

Is that a setup that will give a good performance in both music listening and home theatre experience?

How does the Aleph performs in a home theatre? Is it a bad idea to use that amp there?

The Paradigm Studio's have a good reputation in term of versatility (music and home theatre) it a good match for the aleph amplifier?

You see where I want to come...Your comments please.

I haven't heard the Integra Research, so I can't comment, but, you might also want to have a look at the updated MDP-500 from Myryad. It's about the same price as the RDC-7. It was updated recently (September, I think), adding additional processing modes.
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My own approach is to make as fine a 2 channel system
as possible, standing alone, and then add the crap that
makes it into a 5.1 system.

You can see that I'm really enthusiastic about home theater.


Having said that, Alephs are not known for big dynamics,
which is what the home theater crowd seem to treasure.
Before you make the investment in the equipment decide what you want the equipment to do. Its the system primarily for music or for theatre? Everyting in audio is a trade off. A top notch music system will be a marginal home theater and vice versa, a top notch home theatre will be a marginal music system. To an extent the two options are mutally exclusive, no matter how much you want to spend. If you are looking for a music system then an amp like the Aleph is probably a good choice. :scratch: :scratch: :scratch: :scratch:
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Hmmm...let's can I destroy a fine stereo image? Let's put a bunch of boom, a bunch of out of phase, distorted "audio tinsel" about the room, and....let's compress it all!

I love home theatre...really...sure...promise. :rolleyes:

Well, for me, I'll settle for a little musical bliss instead.
As far as dynamic range goes, I prefer a little compression with many movies, just to allow intelligible speech during ultra-quiet scenes, and to tone down the extreme peaks that almost hurt at full theatre levels. This is one area where I think home theatre really excels... one can alter the dynamic range and loudness to suit their preferences and movie type. Some movies are mixed with too much dynamic range anyway. So, for me, the Alephs could make perfectly fine HT amps...

Maybe it's just me, but I also find surround speakers add very little to the theatre "experience". Maybe they even detract a little? I tend to get drawn right into movies when I'm watching... the screen becomes reality while everything else simply vanishes from perception. But, I sometimes find that distinct sounds to the sides and rear distract from the forward sensory focus that makes movies so captivating. Or maybe I just haven't become accustomed to the surround sound experience yet. dunno...

Either way, I find that when I have my two channel stereo hooked up for movies, I'm perfectly happy with it, and I don't think the experience is particularly more or less entertaining than when I'm at the theatre. I tend not to pay so much attention to the sound anyway, unless it's painfully poor. That said, a good sound setup does help "pull you in". Maybe the most important sound reproduction improvement for movies comes from adding a subwoofer to get those deep thundering bass effects in the action scenes...

Counterbalancing this line of thought are the new 5.1 channel SACD and DVD-A formats, but who knows how they'll fly. It seems to me that surround for hi-fi has been tried before, and failed miserably. In any case, I've been waffling on building a 5.1 setup for years already, and at the moment feel that it won't happen for a long time yet, maybe never. If I stick with 2-channel only, perhaps I could remain just as happy, and have a system that's good for movies or music... ?

Does anyone else share these views?
Regarding speakers, I currently own the Paradigm Studio/20s (original "ugly" series), which I love dearly, and I think they look quite good, thank you. They've been an excellent companion over the years in the small apartment bedrooms that I typically occupy (yeah, still single... living with roommates or in studio apartments etc...).

Recently, I've been looking at some nice, efficient panel speakers to build, like the Phoenix or Orion designs by Linkwitz. Maybe a panel design with Fertin FR drivers... Maybe add a good pair of open-baffle subs...
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