Class A cooling..

Hello all i am thinking about building a class a amplifier but dont know what one to build i have been reading about the alephs but dont know any thing about them and want to build them can i buy the pc boards or can i etch them my self i use Ammonium persulphate works realy good too.. now to my other question what one would be good for my speakers i would like a 75watt amp or 65 . also is it true that you can't force air on to a class a amp like build it in a enclosed enclosure and put a fan in it. is it true or not..

How come.. my Nchannel from E.Holton is almost done just have to build my case I bet ill have every ones eyes on this one I GARENTEE it youll all love it.. pics soon.



2002-03-12 7:46 am
Well heatsinks is a very touching word here at DIYAudio and we must take care to follow the proper procedure. And that proper procedure would be to do a search on this site with heatsinks as the subject. I am not trying to be funny. You being new to this forum but there was about a couple hundred separate threads all about heatsinks and Mr. HarryHaller proclaimed no more new heatsinks threads, do searchs.

Jason -

As stated above, I wouldn't want to mention the H word...

But in Canada you might check:

Of course, I've simply forwarded this link to you because they are a software company... I'm not really sure about their other products... ;)

I also agree about using the search engine...there's lots of info on this particular topic...

Also, you can always email Harry and ask.... heh, heh, heh!!! Just be ready with your flack jacket...

Best of luck,