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Class A amp project FS JLH

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Hello everyone,

I have about $450 in these so far.

I spent $170 on the heatsinks at $20 ea.
$28 on the boards.
$70 in raw aluminum (including perforated tops)
$120 in transformers
around $60 at Tanners surplus electronics.

These are bases on the JLH Class A design and would make about 45w per channel. They heatsinks are large (Ed LaFontaine can attest to this). I just have not had the time to keep this project going. Please email me with inquiries for pictures and further info. I'd like to get $300obo for these.

The caveat is that I will not ship these. They are huge and not UPS friendly. Think a box the size of a meduim office refrigerator. I will, however entertain meeting someone within a reasonable distance of my home in Dallas Texas.

I am completing my first Pass design right now.....I am getting hooked on these now. I don't have time for them either but it is hard to pass up a good deal.

Tanner's! I am going through Tanner's withdraw lately, I miss that place! What a cool store (and dangerous place for guys like us, could spend a whole paycheck in there)
I look forward to the pics. The boards still need populating I would imagine. What is the voltage and VA rating of the toroid?
Bump. Here are a few older pics when I finished the basic chassis. I'd still prefer not to ship them, but you should be able to tell from the pics that they are well worth the price.

Jeff decided he needs to finish a few projects laying around before pursuing another pair of amps, so these are still available.




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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.