Class A amp dilema

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Hi friends,

I built an Aleph 5 with no exotic parts and a liked a lot, never listen nothing like that. But i want to build another class A amp . What do you recomend, Aleph 3 or JLH ? An Aleph 3 (with original bias) sounds better than an Aleph 5 (with original bias) ? Could you help me in this dilema ?

Nice to meet you and best regards.

By the way thanks to Mr. Pass for his beautiful designs an a wonderful sound !!!!
peanut butter and chocolate

The application of this second amplifier will be the determining factor.

The Aleph-X is popular and would be a nice step up in difficulty from an Aleph 5. It also happens to have a different set of trade-offs that many prefer around here. This amp is also easily scaled up or down. If you're interested look at the wiki, or this link as the Aleph-X builder’s thread is somewhat overwhelming

The Mini-A or Mini-Aleph is also a nice job to dispose of some left over parts in a very productive manner.

I would also recommend a look (perhaps a brief look) at the Son of Zen. If you have an appreciation for minimalism this schematic is really a work of art. I have dismissed this topology due to the $/watt final costs of the amplifier.

Cheers and best of luck.

Give us some feedback on your speakers, your room, your listening preferences, your goals, and your budget and MUCH more specific help will be able to be given.
Thanks for plugging my web site! I'm still pretty early in the process for building my Aleph-X and am trying to document everthing that I do so that others can easily build their own. The Aleph-X wiki is a great place to start, but for someone with little experience (like me) there are still a number of things missing from it.

thanks for the replies felows

Nice Aleph-x site, maybe in the future i will build an Aleph-x.
In truth, now i prefer the small projects , less power (cost) but best dynamics and bass i guess. Maybe i will go for a jlh, to taste some diferent sound of Alephs. By the way, i´m very happy with the sound of my hot Aleph 5 (now i´m changing some parts , better parts).

best regards.

…One more wabbit out of a hat….PLH..hmm…:scratch1:

What could it be? A push-pull 10 w class A amp? With some nice tricks on the input? Bipolar? No…
It must be a mosfet :D

Based on what I have read on the forum, I got an impression that some people preferred the sound of JLH over Zen or even Aleph. Now, PLH should be the answer. Look no further. Want to build a class A amp? Simple. Passdiy has it all.

It’s like a pizza. Someone likes it this way, someone that way. PHL was missing from the Menu. Now it will be there. Will it sound better than JHL? Most probably. Will it sound better than other Pass products? NO.Will it sound different? YES. Are we going to like it? Depends on our taste.

Ok, that was my imagination, it is up to Nelson to provide us some real info. A few weeks later, of course :devilr:

By the way, thanks Nelson!

Best Regards,

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