Citroen C5 remote

The built in stereo in my Citroen C5 does not work. I want to replace this with a new CD/MP3 multichanger but still want to be able to use the remote that is on the steering wheel.

Does anyone know if this is possible and if so where do I get the parts that I need. If possible I do not want to have to get another Citroen Stereo.

Thanks for any help.
Replacing the factory radio for an after-market unit is easy, as only the +12V and +battery wires need to be swaped between them.
If you get a new factory radio, it will already be coded for your car (the radio is "hardwire" coded on the BSI).
To use the existing steering wheel controls, you will have to check at car-audio stores to see what radio make has the adaptor, which is not cheap.

Citroenist regards!