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2002-11-05 6:14 pm
What is the "best" Circuit software for TUBES

I wonder what is the best software for designing cicuits
with TUBES.
What does the Tube-specialists use?

Maybe we have to start a new thread in "TUBES Forum"
so they read our questions.
Those guys are hardly reading any other forums.
At least that is what I think... ;)

/halo - is around most everywhere :eek:
does anyone know how to take off the component text (label-values) from the PCB layout (TraxMaker) after loading netlist which was created from CircuitMaker 2000 with the conponent label-values keyed in to the schematic? I only need the conponent outline and designations to be on the top overlay.


2002-06-06 4:43 am
Circuitmaker models from Pspice

"There is a way of adding additional models to Circuitmaker without using the 'macro' option on the toolbar which is not available in the 'student' and 'demo' versions. I have tested the method with the 'student' version but the 'demo' version should be the same. I have sent Asen the details, but if anyone else would like a copy please email me.

Geoff "

Hi Geoff,
I wanted a copy of the method you mentioned . How do I email you?
You can email me at [email protected] . Thanks.
Do you know how to convert PSpice data into Circuitmaker Spice files ? I think Circuitmaker uses XSpice.
I can't figure out why they had to make so many incompatible Spice formats.
I tried to compare existing Circuitmaker Spice listing with PSpice listing but don't have the brainpower or vision to be able to see how to do this.