CHP-70 what are going to put them in?

Got these little CHP-70's from Scott they are sitting in the box playing at low volume for the moment about 100 hours so far but even now I'm loving them. What boxes to build?

Im going try small boxes I think as reason was to build something small for use around the dining table.

Slim Classic GR dKal-El70.3 0v81 Mark Audio CHP70.3. with ACA and dcb

Vocals and mid range sound sweet other system in main room is 10p which I also love so looking forward to comparing.



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I may try them in some IKEA bamboo boxes....the smaller ones that are about 3.5litres iirc. I've had good results with them as BR with Faital Pro 3fe22. I bought the same drivers from the offer Scott put out.

I guess they wont work aswell in a simple BR as a properly loaded design.
Vented box rather than bass reflex, if it's designed using Small's electrical filter theory (yes, pedant mode engaged ;) ).

They need a bit more volume than 3.5 litres to be honest, if you want to run them vented. Not catastrophic & it can be done if you don't want much LF extension but it's a different unit to the Faitals with different load requirements. 3.5 litres is in the micro monitor bracket; if you've the space, about 6.5 litres, 60Hz - 65Hz can work well.

Vented boxes (or bass reflex) are fine if the alignment is designed well.
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Thanks for the input Chris. I do realise the small boxes are far from ideal. I do have some larger enclosures from some older speakers I dismantled so I may try those once I've worked out the volumes.
But I sure would like to build the design in the above link!