Choosing a new sub for existing build, advice needed on my winisd results

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I am looking to gain some understanding of my results of modeling three subwoofers in winisd. One I already have in that box, the other two I am modeling to see which one would be better in that existing box, including the one already in it. I'll make this a little game by not telling you what subwoofer I modeled to try to eliminate existing biases towards one or the other (not sure if that really matters?) but I just want to understand how the other two will sound compared to the existing one based on a few graphs… the transfer function, SPL, and port velocity. I also looked at the excursion graph but didn't want to include that because 2 of the subs has 12mm excursion, and one has 16, so one graph of all 3 didn't seem useful. So only looking at this information which sub do you think would perform better in this already existing box and why. This sub is tuned to 31hz in a small room and is used for movies a little, but mostly music. I currently use the sub with the blue line. The amp I use is 240 watts and I feel that the sub is overpowered. So I figured I can use a more beefy higher wattage sub that better matches to the box/amp combo. The black line is the sub with 16xmax, the blue and red ones are 12mm.

When building the sub a year ago I asked for some advice on the driver and some people said it would be a one hit wonder. I can kinda see that in the transfer function, but how that has played out in my living room hasn't been much of an issue….meaning I think it sounds pretty good and not too bloated in the lower end paired with my mids/highs. Anyway, any input you could give me, I'd appreciate it.
I'm trying to learn how the transfer function equates to sound, and what other key variables to consider, other than what I may have incorrectly deduced on my own.


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I was leaning towards that too based on the line following the 0db line quite well after tuning and a gentle curve prior with no humps or dips. Wasnt sure if that logic was right. The port velocity stays low enough to avoid chuffing and the excursion never goes beyond the subs limits with the power ill provide it. I mistakenly stated my amp is 240 watts, it is actually 252. So the weakness i see is with the rms power handling of the woofer, or stated better the weakness of the amp. The rms of the red line sub is 600. But for my usage it might be a powerful enough amp.... i wont be listening at very high levels. I could just get a higher wattage amp in the future also. I modeled a few other drivers yesterday and they all have dips or humps that I dont like and reach excursion limits with the 252 Ill be giving it even with a hpf. Anyway, thanks for your comment. I certainly welcome any knowledge on this topic you would like to pass along.
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