chip amps that works on single 12VDC

Search for 12V chip amps sold in your location.
You can also consider 19V amps, running off laptop batteries / SMPS ( chargers ).

If you are capable, find an old car set, and use it for your needs.
I have seen car cassette players in a box with a linear supply, and side firing speakers, for home use.
Of course, some progress has occurred since then.

You have not provided power requirements. Or speaker details.
Nobody likes answering half cocked questions, please provide details, as asked above.
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TDA7297 is great but make it an original one. Maybe TDA7377 is great too. At least it has lower distortion (on paper) and it is a cousin of the great TDA7297. Will know how it performs as I ordered an amplifier with it.

I run TDA7297 at lower voltage than 12V and all is good.
Ready plate amp, populated board, less than 2 GBP here. Chinese 4440 or 7297 chips.
Assembled FM radio / amp, without supply, (direct 12 V) as car radio, about 4 GBP.
And with transformer, and so on, mains ready, about 8 GBP
FM module takes USB flash drive, SD Card, and Bluetooth, remote are included.

Or simply buy an old amplifier, I paid about 1.50 pounds for old Philips sets here, Panasonic / NEC chip amps inside, in working condition!

I did not mention Class D, which is also an option, ready plate amps are sold, just connect input, output and power supply.
Some have USB and Bluetooth as options.

The price varies from country to country.
At these prices, making your own amp from parts will be an expensive and tedious option.
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If that is true then posts about:

- new ready built devices and reverse engineering those for mass copying

- revising old ready built stuff

- troubleshooting ready built audio

should not be accepted. Many enjoy the cheaper option of modding cheap audio as for instance in Europe it is hard to build something with an acceptable price/quality ratio let alone the complexity of todays semi packages and the soldering.

Thin ice. I could say the same for energy wasting electronics that IMO should be banned, DIY or not. New designs and PCBs for devices based on obsolete parts etc. etc.
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The OP has not provided the details we asked for...
Seems new to the hobby.
Better to learn to walk first, then run, I think.

Hence the suggestion to do something simple first.

As for fake parts, there are factories in China that make more components than ST.

There is also a factory that makes more bulldozers than Caterpillar, which was world #1 for a long time.

ISO certified, and India has traders who buy lots of 50,000 and more per shipment for local consumption, of each chip amp.
And most are with the Chinese mark, and also the original makers do not make those parts any more.
So calling them fake is a European thing, those are not called fake by the makers, and the part numbers are also sightly different.

D2030 / 2050 has a landed cost of 10 cents here, and so does the D1875, the TI made LM1875 is $5 here in small quantities.
So do the math for a 50 k lot.
Then you will realize what makes the Chinese so competitive.

Another thing is that the European market is now so small that the establishment costs for a business selling to Europe are very high.
Many Chinese sellers do not bother to reply to requests for 500 chips, they would rather sell 500,000 annually to a regular customer.

And if you can, see the price for a ready Class D board, it is cheaper than buying all the parts, and then bonding the chip to a special PCB where one layer is the heat sink.
That needs special skills and equipment not available to all.
And since the chips are intended to be wave soldered, there will be lots of tiny SMD parts also, very fiddly for us old people...and there is every chance that your effort will be inferior to a wave soldered board.

And how many of you in Europe have got Chinese Class D boards, with how many having the means to verify if the chip is real or fake?
That is why I said in Post #7 above:
'Search for 12V chip amps sold in your location.'

For a small quantity, the landed at your door cost, and ease of availability is important.
And I do not follow the Class D scene, but like Jean-Paul says above, it is difficult to DIY SMD boards.

I quote his post:
'Many enjoy the cheaper option of modding cheap audio as for instance in Europe it is hard to build something with an acceptable price/quality ratio let alone the complexity of todays semi packages and the soldering.'

I think the OP is in the UK, which is part of Europe.