Chip Amp system - need some advice

I've been planning and dreaming about upgrading my current stereo to a totally DIY chip amp based system and DIY speakers.

Here are my thoughts:

-I'm looking to build a pair of two speakers out of Dayton RS150S-8 6" woofers and HiVi TN28 Fabric Dome Tweeters. I'll use a Dayton SD270-88 10" for the Subwoofer.

-I'm going to be building a (mostly passive) pre-amp for the amps, and need some design links/ideas.

-I'm thinking of using five amps, and feeding them with an active filter system. Can someone point me to design links on filters.

-I've got a turntable, and need to make a high performance phono stage. Again, I'm in need of designs.

-For the amps them selves, I'm a little undecided at this point. Are certain designs and those based off of a certain chip marked better or worse than the rest. Does anybody make PCB layouts? I don't really want to buy pre-fabricated boards for this project.

Thanks in advance!!!!


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2005-01-17 5:29 am