China IRS2092 Modifications?

I could not find a quick-n-dirty place where this info was already compiled, so figured I would start a new thread here.

Quick back-story: I am "rebuilding" a couple dayton plate amps that have been repaired so many times that I am just tired of messing with the original design. So I have traced down the pinout of the original pre-amp section (with xover, phase, level, auto-sense, etc) and will interface that with a cheap IRS2092 module I got from China.

Here is a pic of the board I got:

Now for the (possible) issue...

I have read that there are a couple resistors that this board commonly ships with that need to be replaced?

Seems I recall EVMan asking me about this (but I cannot find the post where he asked me to save my life) and...

Furthermore, he made mention that R11 an R13 on his samples arrived with the "wrong" values.

The 2 samples I have arrived as follows:

R11 = 10K
R13 = 100

I am NOT SURE if the resistor number (R11 and R13) correspond 1:1 with the resistor numbers on the IR reference design sheet that I found online - which further has me a bit afraid to just start swapping out resistors.

From what I have gathered, R13 should be replaced with a 3K (currently 100R) to reduce the gain a bit (better SNR?). Seems this would be a very important "update" or "fix".

Additionally, some have mentioned replacing R11 with a 8.2K (currently 10k) - has something to do with the switching frequency I think? How important is this "update"?

If someone has any experience with the particular version I have shown above, any feedback would help a lot.

Some additional notes:

I would assume it is safe to replace the gain resistor (R13, 100R) with a normal through-hole resistor carefully soldered to the pads - cannot imagine much issue here.

The OTHER resistor - R11... That one is literally right next to the chip and in a spot that I may not easily be able to do this without having leads of a couple inches to/from a normal through-hole resistor. IF I have to replace THIS resistor - would the length of the leads cause any issue with inductance, etc? In other words - will this particular resistor NEED (more/less) to be replaced with another SMD?

I plan to use this board with a +/- 62VDC power supply pushing a 4 ohm load. Anything over 200 watts is more than I need for the given application.