Chili Changs right for the First DYI project?

Hello Everybody,
I have spend a craizy time on the web looking for my first Speakers DIY project and finaly I found the chili chang. Reason Im looking for a fullrange driver box with good sound reasonable price and acceptable size. First I wandted the famouse needle, but I might want more sound and bass, then I thought about a back horn f.e. Fostex originals, but my girlfrient dont agreed with the size of them, I have a limit of max 30cm on the base (they can be high up to 180cm)...the only one with that size or less but with a bigger driver is the Chili Chang.

I want a allround speaker from clasical to jazz and even bass demanding Massive Attack. The bass dont need to blow me away but should be there;)

Can you recoment me these for a first project? (I dont have a workshop so I will let someone to cut me the wood into the corect size and will put it together in my living room :D)

I saw the drawing but Im missing for example the information for dumping ?

Has someone finished thouse drivers exactly as they are on the drawing? How do they play?

I saw them on this web but the autor did some modification and I have no documentation to do the same mods... example ( ) so Im not sure if the basic version is the bether or not? Or if I should ask the autor about a documentaion of his modification?

Or even if you can recoment me some other horns to build?

What Im as well not sure are they a horn, or not they do look like some reflex boxes?

Thanks for your recomendation, ;)