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Chicago PHC-200A Hermetically Sealed Tube Power Transformer

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For sale is a vintage Chicago PHC-200A high voltage plate and filament power transformer. It's a fairly rare hermetically sealed transformer and has been painted with several coats of hammertone paint. It now has a high gloss finish with swirls and patterns of superficial hammertone. It's ready to be mounted to a chassis and built into an amp.

It's used but in great shape, as you can see the leads will be easy to solder and are all intact. These units were popular for military applications and have a reputation for being very robust and quality transformers. Plus, I personally find the rounded corners and sides to be very aesthetic. I built a pair of mono-bloc 2A3 amplifiers with a smaller pair and was very pleased with both their looks and performance.

Here is some more information about the construction and the Mil-T-27 requirements involved in their design: http://www.bunkerofdoom.com/xfm/chicago1953/004.jpg

Here is the listing for the unit on the Bunker of doom website: http://www.bunkerofdoom.com/xfm/chicago1953/005.jpg

It is 450-0-450 volts at 200ma for the plate supply- 900VCT; 5 volts at 2 amps for the tube rectifier; a pair of 6.3 volt filament supplies at 4 amps; and a 6.3 volt supply at .6 amp. The unit weighs 12 lbs.

The dust on the unit is minor and exaggerated by the flash and will wipe right off (or not even be visible in normal viewing)

I had intended on building a 300B amp with it. But due to health reasons my amp building activities (all activities actually) have been drastically curtailed. So it's time to let someone else enjoy it.

Asking $60 plus shipping.

It will fit inside a USPS medium flat rate box and shipping will be $14.00 to the continental United States only (CONUS). The total will then be $74.00 shipped plus Paypal fees.

Thanks for looking at my ad!


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