cheep miniure meters

Don't know if this is of any use to folk.

On ebay there is a very cheep battery tester for £0.99 inc Postage, the analogue meter is easy to remove and the face plate is easy to replace. You just have to be careful because it is quite small and delicate.

The battery tester housing can be split open with a Stanley Knife and a screw driver, the meter will then drop out.
The meter itself needs to be opened with a knife, just run the blade around under the the clear plastic part to remove it.
The face plate is held in place with double sided sticky tape, so just run the knife underneath it.

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Please remember that knives and fingers don't mix very well!!! (I know this from experience)
I have included a template. It was made in Paint Shop Pro 8 but saved in Photoshop format as I thought this would be more compatable.

Regards Bishka


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