Check my thinking on bass traps

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my room is 15x16 feet and in back, you can see the stairs going up, then a closet, then a set-back where my albums are stored in an Idea 5x5 shelve. I've been planing on building bass traps that would fit in the areas marked with the red boxes. I planned on building frames and such, but go a brain storm last night.

The Roxal safe n sound big bundle is enough to fill those areas across and from ceiling to floor, with 6" which is two battens. Instead of getting all fancy, I thought I could just make socks (for lack of a better word) for each double batten then set them in those spaces, held in place with tacks or whatever.

In doing that, I would fill that entire space.

My question is, should I put them up against the wall or bring them out to the front of the Idea shelve which would leave me about 8" of air behind them.

I will just assume a bass trap does not need a hard frame.

Edit: I also assume fabric for this does not have to be acoustically transparent like grill cloth does????


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I'm very frustrated. Roxul sells 16" and 24" wide batting, but none of the stores carry the 24" and it has to be ordered. That is not an issues, normally, but in this case Roxul requires 3 bundles be ordered so HD and Lowes won't order just the one bundle I need.

Any suggestions?
I just bought the Safe 'n' Sound and the muslin for the bass traps. It cost a little more than I anticipated but not by much.

Safe 'n' Sound, pack of 8 sheets, 47" x 24" x 3" = $53.91

Unbleached and untreated Muslin, one roll 36" wide by 75' long = $36.72

Grand total = $90.31

I hope to get them built by end of Sunday. 4 of them 24" x 48" x 6"
What do you think of this. IN the picture in the first post, there is a door between the shelves and the stairs. It is a closet measuring approx. 4'w x 5'D x 9'H. I was thinking of cutting a hole in the door almost the size of the door with approx. 8" left all the way around to the outside, then filling that hole with 3" of Safe and Sound. SO the entire closet would act as a bass trap.

DO you think it is worth the effort???
I have changed up a little. At first I was going to just make the 4 traps with 8 bats so each one would be 6" thick, but now I am making the 4 to go around the shelving unit out of just one bat each (3" thick), and using two in the door cut out, and two for corner traps in the front corners. That plus my 4 subwoofers, should handle the sub signal very well. Because I am making 8 of them, I'll need more muslin, but I will be just over $100!!!

What else can a guy do to affect the sound so much in a positive way for that little money?
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For a while I went down this road. I had rockwool absorbers across the front corners from floor to ceiling and full width between the tops of these suspended by a frame diagonally across the ceiling/wall, spaced around 1m from that corner. The frontage was the better part of 10m^2 I guess and average thickness around 30cm. It took maybe 6 bags to do.

I'm inclined to say this isn't the most efficient way to do this. The WAF is terrible, and the result was moderate but satisfying all the same. I need to add that my walls are somewhat lossy to begin with.

After a couple of years I let these go for just active damping, and with the experience I'd gained in that time I don't feel that I lost out for their removal.
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