Check my layout pls. for proper grounding (6 channel opamp pre)

Please have a look at the grounding in my first attempt ever to make a proper layout. It´s ment for a 6 channel pre with LM4562 dual opamps and has 2 stages (buffer to the left, gain to the right). The space between the stages is for a 6 channel stepped attenuator fitted directly on the board. Power connector is on the outer left, ground traces are marked in purple.

Is the ground duct alright that way? Thank you for your comments!

Star ground in theory really means that all connections are meeting at one physical point, but that is nearly never done completely.

I think that the general practice is to do it as often as possible, but for more complex circuits you would probably have to use 3 or more layers to achieve it.

The problem is that when you use more star ground-like connections you have better chance of perfect function and no noise, but you can´t really tell how the circuit will perform with standard ground like in the LM4562 preamp you posted.
You just have to try the design by building it and seeing/listening what it does. Then you can cut&re-wire the traces to see if it helps :)