cheap fullrange speaker dy1026u in Ikea-box


2007-05-22 8:52 pm
Hi all, I like to show you my last speakerprojekt, built in oct. 2009. I use a very cheap speaker, the SENON/ROCKWOOD dy1026u and I´m supriced that this one sound much better than many other more expensive speakers. In this 10" dimension I try also: Beyma 10AGN, Ciare CH250, 25-250 5248 U 35 Saba 10 and an old unknown Wigo. I try many more speakers: Fostex 206E, Alpair 10 for exsample and many old vintage speaker, also.

The cheap dy1026u won this race! Now, over one year.​


The box is a case from Ikea IVAR-system: IKEA | Regalsysteme | IVAR System | IVAR | Kasten

€25 in germany, $40 in USA (in germany its cheaper, about $8) :eek:

the baffle is made of 13 mm/0.51 inch special plywood in germany we say: "Siebdruckplatte"
the position of the spaeker was simulated with "edge" from Tolvan


The Baffle is decoupled with felt.



The box is vented by the gripholes; 61.9 heart

the bottom of the IKEA-Box resonate... If you mean this must be terrible, you have to hear it. I built an other extreme 90 litre bowl (low resonate).


The deep frequenz is much clearer, but the Ikea-Box sounds more real, up to middle sound level. High Power level is to much, than the bowl will be better.

Later I added a protective grid. of cause we have wild animals :D


My speakers are powered by an KT88SE Amp, ES AUDIO MEILER PE.

Nice greatings, Hatti


2007-05-22 8:52 pm

I buy another speaker on ebay and get this dy1026u. :eek::(:):D

Maybe later, I´ll try the 12" dy1256u, also.

vented Box: 60 cm/23.62 inch wide X 100 cm/39.37 inch high X 40 cm/15.75 inch high

240 Liter/14646.23056 kubikinch

What´s the best international use?

240 liter = 54.4850 gallone(dry,US)
= 240 000 000.0000 kubikmillimeter
= 240 000.0000 kubikzentimeter
= 0.2400 kubikmeter
= 14 645.6986 kubikzoll
= 14 645.6986 kubikinch
= 0.3139 kubikyard
= 8.4755 kubikfuß
= 240 000.0000 milliliter
= 63.4013 gallone(liquid,US)
= 52.7926 gallone(imperiale)
= 253.6998 quart(US)
= 211.1747 quart(imperiale)
= 422.3411 pint(imperiale)
= 507.2108 pint(liquid,US)
= 435.8802 pint(dry,US)
= 2.0761 barrels

:drink:, Hatti


2007-05-22 8:52 pm

sorry I´m not here, so often.

I have a new room for audio and now I hear with the bowlspeaker.


In germany you can buy this speaker by hth :HIGH-TECH-HIFI

scroll down and you find the speaker.

For my ears I think this speakers are better than the most Fostex I know. Last one I can hear was the 206e and I don´t like it.

The 1026u runs without any filter.

nice greatings, Hatti


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Thanks for posting that box Hatti! I've wanted to do something in an IKEA box for a long time, but we haven't lived near an IKEA for a few years. One just opened in Denver, and I thought about stopping when I was nearby for RMAF. You can bet I will next time I have the chance! How strong is that box? Have you been using it for awhile?

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2007-05-22 8:52 pm
@Dynablastertuners: yes thats right, but what really happened in this range? Not so much for the most musik: Weiterleitung zu

For me its enough.

These big bowls where built myself and this takes a long time, about 1 and a half year.

A take a big steel-bowl for gardendesign and put on shredded newspaper with glue for wallpaper. It takes a very long time for drying.




Than I cut them in peaces to get the steel-bowl out and glue the peaces togehter.
blow in air for quicker drying.
view from in through the woodring for mounting the chassis

The 58cm steel-bowl is from ebay germany: Edelstahlkugel | eBay

@IG81: thx for the bonuspoints :)

@pjanda1: I use this bowl speaker since 3 month. 2 month in my old room, 1 month in the new room.

nice greatings, Hatti