Cheap and simple DIY amp for 2x TABAQ


2008-02-12 11:39 pm
Hi everyone.

The DIY audio sickness caught me some time ago and after building my first pre/headamp I found this site....

"Unfortunately" I'm one of the Z-5500 guys who only rmad their sub.
That means 5 satellites unused.
The TABAQ seems to be a nice and simple design for these drivers
(should be tangband 3").

I'll buy the mdf and start building tomorrow... but:

I haven't got an amp. My CKKIII should be fine as preamp, but I'll need a cheap and simple power amp, too.

Gainclones seemed to be the easiest way to do my first amp.

I'm reading through the forum, so I don't expect anyone to do my work. Just thought it would be nice to say hello and get some pointers :).

The two TABAQ will be used in my small room (10-15qm) so I don't need much power.

I'd use the logitechs amp, but I'm sure there's some sort of divider which sends the lower frequencies to the sub.

So all I need is something cheap and simple to build, which puts out maybe 25-35W per channel and covers from about 50Hz upwards.

Thanks for reading.

I'm a newb, so bear with me :).


2008-02-12 11:39 pm
hm, I have no clue what this site could be.

But in the meantime I found some simple gainclones around the LM3886.
Now I'm searching for pcbs for mauro's evolution, while wondering which of the two to build.

From what I've read there are two very different psu approaches for the gainclones. One with bypassed 4 x 2200uF caps and the other with a whole bank of 8 (4) x 10kuF caps.

Trying to find out about this difference now.