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$ Channel ICEPower 500ASP/A in an Audio Research Style Chassis


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2005-01-09 2:32 am
4 Channel ICEPower 500ASP/A in an Audio Research Style Chassis

Hey all, I have my four channel ICEpower amps - two 500ASP powering two 500A, in a nice Audio Research style chassis for sale. Input is XLR Balnced only, but you could just use a XLR to Single Ended adapter for RCA SE connections to preamps.

Mains switch on back, front left switch puts 500ASP in standby, while right front switch puts the 500A into standby. A nice Blue LED power indicator in middle...

Just trying to downsize the many amps I have...this one powered a set of Martin Logan CLS and two subs - worked awesome. I already have a pair of 1000ASP and other class D amps, so just need to sell off some stuff.

Beautiful 3U ARC Style chassis no longer on ebay (cost a small fortune), and this is my last one...and the ICEpower modules are now selling at Partsexpress for a price check...

Weighs a ton, so local pickup in West sub of Chicago would be best, but can ship if buyer pays...

How about $650 + ship?


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