Changing thread name?


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2003-01-27 2:36 am
South NJ
Is this not allowed after the 30 minute period?

Under the "go advanced" editing, it lets you change it, but it doesn't appear in the overall listing.

Here's my case: I changed the "FS" to "Free" in the swap meet forum.
"Free: Schurter (CGC0.6101.151) IEC Power Entry Module"

But it reverts to "FS" in the listing. Once you click on it, it says "Free".

Ah well. In the time it took to type this someone scooped them up. I'd still like to know for future reference.



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2004-10-07 6:05 am
It may be that thread name changes are restricted to mods.
Awhile back we did begin letting the OP edit his first post, to keep the top post up to date in long threads. I don't know if that includes the ability to change the thread name.

Glad you got them sold.