Changing the crossover for my speakers

I have a very old pair of dynaudio confidence c1 mk II speakers. They sound great to me. However, I couldn't help but wonder what if dynaudio use premium parts for the c1 crossover (like what they did for heritage special)?? Will there be any difference in the sound?

I do understand that speakers and crossovers are more than the brand and cost of parts it use. I am just curious to find out what difference it will make (if any).
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If they sound great, don’t change them too much. Swapping crossover parts without taking measurements is a thing seen often, but imho quite pointless. Dynaudio almost for sure used film caps at the right places, so what are the chances you’ll gain anything?
Although I'm not familiar with them, these appear to be speakers of excellent quality:


The above review says that the Standard and Signature models share exactly the same crossover components.

I'd be inclined not to mess with the crossovers. You could make the sound different, but not necessarily better.